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Race your heart out.

We have 3 exciting go kart tracks to choose from and fun for all ages.  Whether a first time driver, the weekend cruiser or a “Pro,” there is a kart for everyone.

You’ve dreamed about this moment.

Finally, you’re behind the wheel of your very own Go-Kart. But you’re not in store for just any old Go-Kart racing. At Austin’s, you’re in for the Go-Kart adventure of a lifetime.

With three exciting tracks to choose from and a variety of racing options for all ages, you are sure to make your racing dreams come true.  

Closed-Toe Shoes Required for Go-Karts.

Slick Track

Pro Karts
Test your drifting skills on our very “slick” Slick Track with specially designed gas-powered Go-Karts with wide racing slicks that defy even the best racers! 

Height requirement:

Speedway Track

Rookie Karts
For the drivers who are almost ready for the big leagues. They are on the slick track with side-by-side racing: pedal-to-the-metal navigating the winding curves.

Height requirement:
48″ to 58″

Speedway Karts
Race against family or friends on our Speedway Track. Enjoy spirited side-by-side racing on the long stretches and wide curves.

Height requirement:
at least 58″

Passenger must be at least 40″

Driver of single or double carts must be at least 58″ *

* Must be licensed to drive passenger.

Great Safari

The all-new Great Safari Race is an adventure for our youngest drivers. Watch out for Trumpet the elephant and his friends Rhino and Giraffe. It is sure to be a wild, fun and exciting ride.

Height requirement:
36″ to 44″