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Amusement Parks

Did you know you basically have your very own amusement park right in your backyard? That’s right. Austin’s has all the traditional makings of a killer amusement park and so much more. We’ve got your traditional roller coaster, only it’s inside which means you can visit it year-round, rain or shine. We’ve got a stomach-dropping Tower Drop where you’ll be slowly pulled up the ceiling then dropped when you least expect it, all while spinning 360 degrees around the tower. Oh, did we mention that one’s inside too? Yea, we didn’t make the ceilings so tall for no reason.

We have your traditional carousel, only better, because it’s not one, but two stories high! A double-decker carousel means double the fun. We’ve also got go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, a crazy big arcade, a Rockwall, bowling, and a delicious Bar & Grill with drinks for Mom and Dad, yummy desserts for the whole family, and plenty to fill your bellies after a day at the amusement parks. You don’t have to drive far to enjoy a day filled with belly-aching laughs, family bonding, and memories that last a lifetime when you have Austin’s nearby.