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Arcade in Austin

The lights… the sounds… the fun and excitement! That’s what you’ll get when you step into the premier arcade in Austin at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! Not only will you find the games that inspire feelings of nostalgia and remind you of your younger years, but alongside them, you’ll find the latest and greatest games to test you’re your mettle. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite next time you’re here!

Everyone loves a day at the arcade. For parents, it’s a way to let the kids loose for a few hours of fun while getting to relax with a beverage. For group business outings, the arcade is the perfect place to challenge your coworkers in a battle to see who can put up the highest score. For extroverts, you can make a new friend by helping someone out on a co-op game. There really is something for everyone to enjoy at this great arcade in Austin.

Let’s not forget all the great games you can play at the finest arcade in Austin that let you win tickets that you can exchange for amazing prizes. Try your hand at skeeball, pop-a-shot basketball and many other games of skill so you can win tickets for your favorite prize. Whether you want a set of old-timey wax lips or the latest console game for Xbox or Playstation, these prizes can be yours if you’ve got what it takes to master these exciting and enticing games.

Start planning your next trip to Austin’s Park n’ Pizza today by taking a peek at our website, There you will find all the info you need to plan a day at the arcade in Austin. Check out menus from Austin’s Bar & Grill for when you’re ready to refuel and recharge after a great gaming session, and find pricing for all of our other great experiences you can enjoy, like Go-Kart racing, mini golf, laser tag and more. Remember, at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza, our arcade is just one of the great ways to play all day!