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Arcades in Austin

Have you been spending your summer inside playing video games? It’s time to level up your weekend plans and come to one of the best arcades in Austin! There are over 150 arcade games, video games, and prize-winning challenges at Austin’s, so you can play all day. Invite a friend or loved one to be your player 2 and head to the arcade for non-stop fun.

Are you looking for the latest and greatest video games? Step into Austin’s gigantic game arena to go for the high score in games such as Injustice Arcade, Time Crisis 5, Big Buck Hunter Trophy, Walking Dead, and the virtual reality King Kong. Do you tend to lean toward the tried and true classics? Enjoy playing long-time favorites like Space Invaders or the world’s largest Pac-Man. Love challenging your friends to a game of skill? Battle it out with an entertaining game of air hockey, Skee-Ball, pool, or NBA Hoops.

If you’re looking for a break between games, find what you’re looking for with one of the other attractions at the park. Sit down and enjoy the XD theater, hit the bowling lanes, or go outside for a game of mini golf. If you worked up an appetite working your way up to the boss level of your favorite game, stop by Austin’s Bar and Grill for delicious food and drinks! Are you ready to say “game on!” to a full day of arcade and video games? Come on down to one of the best arcades in Austin!