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Arcades in Austin

Are you a video game lover looking for a change of scenery? Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has one of the best arcades in Austin! Don’t believe us? They have over 100 arcade games, video games, and prize-winning challenges. Not to mention, the prize counter is top-notch. They have video games like Injustice Arcade, Big Buck Trophy Hunter, Walking Dead, Time Crisis 5, classic video games, and more! Games of skill more your style? They’ve got Skee-Ball, NBA Hoops, Air Hickey, pool, and beyond.

It’s true what they say, that everything’s bigger in Texas. Austin’s Park n’ Pizza is home to the world’s biggest prize crane: The Big One, the world’s largest Pac Man, Giant Space Invaders, Galaga, and others. We would argue that you haven’t really experienced your favorite classic video games until you’ve experienced them on this large of a scale.

Once you’ve played your heart out in the arcade, cash in your points at the prize counter and head to the bar & grill to refuel. Nothing tastes as sweet as victory but the burgers, pizzas, and tacos are pretty darn close. If you’re a big kid over the age of 21, check out the bar menu and treat yourself to a margarita, ice-cold beer, or creative mixed drink. There are plenty of Arcades in Austin but none quite like the one at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. You’ll have to see it for yourself to truly get the hype!