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Birthday Parties in Austin

You might not believe this, but September is the busiest month for overall births in the world! That means more people have birthdays this month than any other. And since literally EVERYONE is celebrating birthday parties in Austin this month, you should make sure that yours stands out from the crowd with a proper celebration at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza!

Birthday parties in Austin can be a dime a dozen. Maybe it’s a barbeque party or a wine dinner… but if you want a five-star celebration invite your friends out for a day of fun amusements at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. There are many things you can do at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza that you can’t do anywhere else, plus all of your favorite activities are collected in one amazing place! If you want to speed around the track and do a few fast laps in a Go-Kart, we’ve got you covered. If you’re down to show off your short game, we’ve got two 18-hole courses to challenge you. When you’re itching to climb the walls and live out your ninja warrior dreams, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has a collection of rock climbing walls to entertain you and your friends. On top of that, we also feature a world-class arcade midway filled to the brim with your favorite classic video games as well as some of the newest and best games for you to play!

And when it’s time to sit down and celebrate, you and your party can grab a bite at Austin’s Bar & Grill and munch on delicious treats like nachos, wings, southwest eggrolls and more! Before you wind down your celebration, why not blow out your candles on a slice of our New York style cheesecake? There’s no better place to celebrate the busiest month for birthday parties in Austin than Austin’s Park n’ Pizza!