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Corporate Events in Austin

Corporate events in Austin can be a dime a dozen. Trust falls in the woods with your boss? How about another boring seminar? No, thank you! If you and your business are in the market for a fun, exciting and out of the box corporate event, why not consider a day of play at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza? Not only can it be great for morale, but it can be great for your bottom line!

Studies show that up to thirty percent of work absenteeism is due to a non-genuine reason. Think about yourself for a moment… have you ever played hooky from work even though you told the office you were sick? If you can provide your employees with a fun diversion from the everyday, it can help to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety that build up in a workforce. With Austin’s Park n’ Pizza, corporate events in Austin have never been more fun and never featured such a variety of great activities! Instead of another day of sales calls, let your employees put the pedal to the metal on our slick track Go Karts! Instead of meetings with management, how about ten frames of fun at our bowling alley? Plus with Austin’s Bar and Grill on site, you’ll never be left wanting for delicious food and drink that can fuel up the troops and get them ready for more adventure!

Help set your business up for future success with one of the most uplifting corporate events in Austin… a day of fun at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! Nothing soothes frayed nerves and anxious minds like fun and relaxation, so let your employees know that you want to help with their well-being (and keep them coming to work!) with the great activities at your disposal at our first class amusement center. See all the fun activities you can try, plus information on group pricing online anytime at .