More than just pizza.

Prepare yourself for a mouth watering menu.

Executive Chef and Managing Partner, Sean Milberger, invites you to Austin’s Bar & Grill. Executive Chef Milberger’s locally flavored menu and full-service bar provides an upscale social atmosphere for family, friends and colleagues to enjoy. 

Hand-crafted menu items created to satisfy all genres, tastes, and personal nutritional values. We offer organic and locally sourced ingredients, gluten free items, as well some of the best tasting burgers, sandwiches, and pizza sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palates.

The Approach

Chips & Salsa $5.25

Famous made to order tortilla chips and fresh homemade salsa

Chips & Homemade Guacamole $6.75

Famous chips and fresh house made guacamole with cilantro, onions, lime juice, and tomatoes

Chips & Homemade Queso $5.25

Famous chips and house made Tex-Mex style queso

Nachos $7.75

Monterey Jack cheese, blackbeans, pickled red onions, fresh jalapeños, fresh pico de gallo and queso fresco


Add Organic Chicken, Steak or Gulf Shrimp

Wings $9.50

Five traditional or bone out wings. Choose from Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Red Chile, Kickin Bourbon, Dulce Diablo, Sriracha or Naked

Quesadillas $7.50

Blend of mixed cheeses, fresh pico de gallo, sour cream, and house made guacamole 


Add Organic Chicken, Steak or Gulf Shrimp

Homemade Cheese Fries $7.75

Premium fries seasoned to perfection topped with melted cheese, fresh green onions, bacon and jalapeños

Southwest Egg Rolls $6.75

Crispy flour tortillas stuffed with juicy smoked chicken,black beans, corn, and cheese. Served with house made chipotle-ranch dressing

Fresh Salads

Organic Chicken Salad $11.50

Sliced organic grilled chicken breast, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, organic red and yellow cherry tomatoes and mandarin oranges atop a bed of mixed greens served with poppy seed dressing

Caesar $8.00

Chopped romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, wheat berry croutons and gourmet caesar dressing


Add Organic Chicken, Large Texas Gulf Shrimp

Carnitas Salad $10.50

Slow roasted carnitas, corn and black bean relish, sliced avocado, diced tomatoes and monterey jack cheese atop a bed of romaine lettuce served with smokey ranch dressing

Wedge Salad $9.00

Iceberg lettuce, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon bits, roasted pumpkin seeds and bleu cheese dressing

Chef Inspired Items

Beef Tenderloin Sliders $10.75

Juicy beef tenderloin topped with locally made smoked gouda, organic baby arugula and locally grown cherry tomatoes on a buttery brioche bun

Shrimp Skewer GF $10.75

Large Texas Gulf shrimp served with tartar and cocktail sauces

Beef Tenderloin Skewer $10.75

Hand-cut filet grilled to perfection and served with homemade chimichurri sauce and a balsamic vinegar reduction

Organic Chicken Skewer $10.75

Organic farm raised chicken skewer grilled to perfection and served with our homemade chimichurri sauce and a balsamic vinegar reduction


Steak Street Tacos $9.25

Four grilled steak taco stopped with hand diced white onions, freshly chopped cilantro and homemade salsa roja and salsa verde

Organic Chicken Tacos $9.25

Four organic chicken taco stopped with hand diced white onions, freshly chopped cilantro and homemade salsa roja and salsa verd

Slow Roasted Carnitas $9.25

Slow roasted in banana leaves and ancho chiles, topped with homemade pickled red onions

Burgers & Sandwiches

Add an egg for $1.50

The House Burger $9.75

Hand formed patty seared to perfection accompanied with lettuce, hand sliced tomatoes, red onions and pickles served with seasoned premium fries




Bacon Burger

The Sunny Burger $12.00

1/3 lb. burger with thick cut smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion and dill pickle

The Milburger $12.00

1/3 lb. burger with thick-cut smoked bacon, smoked gouda, baby arugula, organic cherry tomatoes and apple cider vinaigrette

The Bleu Burger $12.00

1/3 lb. burger with fried onions, bleu cheese crumbles, au jus, lettuce, tomato, red onion and boom boom sauce

Veggie Burger $10.75

Garden burger black bean patty with our house made guacamole, fresh grilled jalapeño, green leaf lettuce,hand sliced tomatoes and red onions served with sweet potato waffle fries

Organic BBQ Chicken Sandwich $12.00

Organic chicken breast, smoky BBQ sauce, sugar bacon, cheddar cheese, green leaf lettuce, red onion, basil pesto aioli and sliced tomatoes served with premium fries


Cheese Pizza $11.00

14” hand stretched dough topped with homemade pizza sauce and premium whole milk mozzarella cheese made to order and baked to perfection

Hawaiian Pizza $15.00

14″ Hand stretched dough topped with homemade pizza sauce and premium buffalo milk mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon and diced pineapple

BBQ Chicken Pizza $17.00

Tangy BBQ sauce, buffalo mozzarella, roasted organic chicken breast, green bell peppers, red onions and jalapeños

Supreme Pizza $19.00

14″ Hand stretched dough topped with homemade pizza sauce and premium buffalo milk mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green bell peppers,onions, tomatoes and mushrooms

Gluten Free Pizza $10.00

10″ personal size glutenfree cheese pizza.Choose additional toppingsfrom the offerings below ($2.00 each):

Build Your Own Pizza $11.00

Start with our freshly baked cheese pizza made just the way you like it. Choose from the toppings below ($2.00 each):
Toppings: pepperoni | Italian sausage | beef | organic chicken | Canadian bacon | diced tomatoes | jalapeños | pineapple | green bell peppers | onions | mushrooms | spinach leaves | smoky bbq sauce

The Final Frame

Zeppole $6.50

Fluffy and delicious Italian fritters dusted with powdered sugar and served with salted caramel on the side for dipping

New York Style Cheesecake $7.50

Cheesecake served with strawberry puree

Chocolate Bundt Cake $7.50

Personal sized chocolate Bundt cake with chocolate ganache served with Monin dark chocolate sauce


Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sp $2.50

Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers $2.50

Organic Apple Juice $2.50

Iced Tea or Sweet Tea $2.50

Coffee $2.50

Chocolate or Regular Organic Milk $2.50

Pitcher of Soda $7.50


Side Caesar Salad $5

Side Dinner Salad $5

Mixed greens, red onions, parmesan discs,organic cherry tomatoes

French Fries $3

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries $3

Tater Tots $3


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