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Entertainment for Kids Near Me

OK, kids… it’s just you and me talking. You’ve wrestled the tablet or computer away from mom and dad and made your way over to the Austin’s Park n’ Pizza site. First of all, great job. We applaud your choice in websites. But now that you’re here, let’s have a little real talk. We both know you got here because you were looking for “entertainment for kids near me,” and boy, did you hit a bullseye. If you didn’t already know that Austin’s Park n’ Pizza was the premier amusement center in Austin and full of entertainment for kids of all ages, you will soon.

At Austin’s Park n’ Pizza, you will find more fun activities than you could try in a single day! Between our slick track Go-Kart racing, thrilling climbing walls and adrenaline-pumping Laser Tag adventures, you’ll find enough activities to wear out even the most energetic kids! Guess what? That’s only skimming the surface of the amazing activities on hand at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! Entertainment kids near me really seem to enjoy also includes our fully immersive 7D XD Theater experience. It’s more than a ride, more than a game and more than a movie… because you’ll get all the best elements from each, plus you’ll also experience strobe lights, vibrating seats, wind whipping around you and breathtaking special effects that will make you feel like you’re a part of the action! Oh, and did we mention video games? Cause we’ve got tons of them. You know you want to get here ASAP.

Not convinced yet? Well someone else should get a vote, and that’s your stomach. Because entertainment for kids near me should definitely include our sensational tasting namesake pizzas and the mouthwatering burgers, wings, and snacks at Austin’s Bar & Grill. Trust us when we say there’s no better way to recharge after a day around the midway, slick track and bowling alley than fueling up with some of the best food in town!

Now that you’ve found the perfect entertainment for kids near me, feel free to return the tablet to your parents. Just don’t forget to let ‘em know it’s time to plan a trip to Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! We’ll see you soon!