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Entertainment in Austin

Are you in need of a break from the mundane? Are you going cross-eyed from staring at that office computer monitor all day? If so, then it’s high time you treated yourself to a little entertainment in Austin with a day of play at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza.

If outdoor activities are your thing, then you can enjoy a day at the races in our slick track Go-Karts! Hit the accelerator and get ready to get fast and furious in one of our slick track pro-karts. Take turns at high speeds and drift your way to victory. Maybe miniature golf is more your style. If that’s the case, take a crack at our two 18-hole mini golf courses, where every hole is an adventure! Or if water is what you want, why not cool off and splashdown with a quick ocean voyage on our bumper boats? Splash, bump and squirt the other boats on the water as you cool down on a hot Austin afternoon. The variety of outdoor entertainment in Austin knows no bounds at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza.

Don’t forget the great indoor activities you’ll find under the roof at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. If you’re feeling spry, why not climb all over our six indoor rock climbing walls? You can also enjoy a futuristic battle with laser tag, try to throw a turkey in a game of bowling on one of our 10 professional lanes, or test your hand/eye coordination on one of over 100 games at our arcade. A day of entertainment in Austin in (and out of) the sun is waiting for you at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza!

Plan your adventure to Austin’s Park n’ Pizza today by visiting our website, There, you will find an array of entertainment in Austin that will surely relieve those workplace blues!