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Fun for Kids

Here we are in the dog days of summer, and you’re probably on the lookout for some good, clean fun for kids. One great way to beat the heat and put a load of smiles on the faces of your favorite youngsters is with a day of play at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! From dazzling video games to countless exciting activities, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza always delivers on the promise of a good time.  

At Austin’s Park n’ Pizza, you’ll find the latest and greatest video games available to play that are massively fun for kids. Ready your defenses and combat the alien hordes as you battle on the world’s largest Space Invaders game! Battle with a friend as you try to outwit the nonstop extraterrestrial masses to protect Earth and win prize tickets while you’re at it! Another exciting game to try is Ocean King Fish Arcade, which lets you cast your line and reel in beautiful exotic fish. The heavier the fish you catch, the more tickets you’ll win. Grab a friend and play together to catch the massive Great White to win extra tickets! Get all the excitement of deep sea fishing in the comfort of your favorite air-conditioned entertainment center here at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! 

Fun for Kids

The fun for kids isn’t limited to the arcade, as Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has countless attractions to keep your group entertained. Take aim at all manner of ghouls and goblins in a fight for survival in our 7D XD Dark Ride gaming theater and you’ll be treated to an experience like none other. Your seat will shake, you’ll feel the wind in your hair… sensations so real that you’ll imagine that the zombies are just behind you waiting to strike! Knock them back for good and dazzle your friends with your shooting skills! And if you’re up to run, jump and tumble while battling another group of gamers, then jump into our exciting, futuristic Laser Tag experience! Pulses will race and smiles will be wide after this gaming adventure! 

Needless to say, there are countless perfect activities that will be fun for kids at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. Now all you have to do is wrangle up the kids and get down to the most exciting and varied entertainment complex in town! Find lists of attractions, food menus and more online at