Go-Kart Racing Austin

You’ve dreamed about this moment. Finally, you’re behind the wheel of your very own slick track Go-Kart. But you’re not in store for just any old Go-Kart racing, Austin. At Austin’s Park n Pizza, you’re in for the Go-Kart adventure of a lifetime.

It’s almost time for the next race. You’re buckled in to the lead car and you rev the engine… there’s no way you’re letting anyone get past you. Just then, you’re given the go ahead and hit the accelerator! The wind whips through your hair as you hit the first straightaway, then suddenly, there’s a hard right turn! Better lay off the brake and just drift around the turn. That will keep everyone in your rear view mirror. This high-powered racing machine tears through every twist and turn. There’s no question that this is the Go-Kart racing Austin has been waiting for.

While the high speed karts may be perfect for older drivers, there’s definitely a style of Go-Kart out here for the younger racers as well. Austin’s Park n Pizza has rookie karts for those who are just about ready for the big leagues and for the youngest racers there’s Austin’s Great Safari Race. Not only is this a fun and exciting course for our junior racers, but it also serves as a great introduction to handling a Go-Kart.

So whether you’re an experienced racer or a young novice, the Go-Kart racing Austin has been seeking is right here at Austin’s Park n Pizza. You’ll find Go-Kart racing is included as part of our Unlimited Attractions package, along with Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats and much more. You’ll find pricing and information at our website www.austinpark.com. Austin’s Park n Pizza is located in Pflugerville at the corner of I-35 and the Highway 45 tollway.