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Go-Kart Racing Near Me

Are you looking for an incredible, fun driving experience with carts and tracks suitable for all ages? If so, then Austin’s Park n’ Pizza is the place for Go-kart racing near me! Cruise around the curves of our slick track in one of our Pro Karts as you whiz past the competition, achieving maximum speeds and seeing just what our top-of-the-line karts are capable of. The handling and functionality of these swift vehicles impress more and more with every turn of the wheel and punch of the gas pedal. If you want to jump behind the wheel of one of these speed demons, we require the driver to be 60” tall. But Go-karting isn’t just exclusive to adults and more experienced racers! There are tracks, carts and activities for all ages and skill levels.Go-kart Racing Near Me

For Austin’s youngest racers the Go-kart racing near me that we recommend is The Great Safari Race. Little drivers will enjoy an exciting trek around the park, taking a gander at some lovely wild animals. A trip on The Great Safari Race is sure to put a smile on the faces of our young racers. Size requirement for The Great Safari Race state that ride and carts are suitable for children from 36” to 44” tall.

Many folks looking for Go-kart racing near me love our Speedway Karts, which allow for both a driver and passenger are perfect for folks on a date, parents who’d love to share a kart or anyone just looking to buddy up on a drive with a friend. Take the wide turns and long stretches as a twosome on our speedway track. For our Speedway Karts, the driver must be at least 58” tall and the passenger at least 40” tall.

Go-kart racing near me doesn’t get any better than the racing at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. Join us for some great racing action seven days a week. Find our hours and more information online at