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Go Kart Tracks

Life is a highway, and the best roads to take are the Go-Kart tracks at Austin’s! Get behind the wheel of your very own Go-Kart and race your friends and family. Whether you want to test your drifting skills, race side-by-side, or sit back and watch your littlest kids navigate a safari road, there’s a Go-Kart for you. Set pedal to metal and tackle three different tracks!

Live out your Fast and Furious dreams and take a specially designed gas-powered kart out on the Slick Track! If you don’t feel like “Tokoyo Drifting” and are in more of a Herbie: Fully Loaded mood, then hit the Speedway Track for something a bit more relaxed. No matter your speed, have a blast racing on the tracks! For the youngest drivers, check out the Great Safari track. You’ll have a fun driving adventure – look out for Trumpet the elephant and his friends, Rhino and Giraffe!

Before you head out after a fun day of racing, take the scenic route back inside to Austin’s bar and grill. Munch on some ahi nachos, dig into a plate of mouth-watering sliders, or feast on delicious chicken wings. Did all that driving make you thirsty? Sip on a speciality cocktail! Here, there’s a meal and a Go-Kart for everyone. Plan a road trip to Austin’s so you can take a loop on the exhilarating Go-Kart tracks!