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Group Events Austin

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, and there’s no better way to set hearts a-flutter than with a great day of fun and excitement at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. There’s no better place for group events Austin residents will enjoy, and it doubles as a great spot for a group date, speed date or meet and greet location!

Just imagine getting to know someone new that could become someone special over a game of pool, chasing each other on the Go-Kart track or even flirting with each other on the mini golf course. Austin’s Park n’ Pizza will have you harkening back to nostalgic times, like the first time you took a date to putt-putt golf when you were young. Level with me, did you let your date win or were you super competitive? Because if the choice you made didn’t work back in the day, you can always try the other one now.

After pitching proper woo while you putt, you can share a drink and a smile at Austin’s Bar and Grill. With a well-stocked bar, our staff would be happy to make you the perfect love potion for your evening. You could always try a milkshake with two straws, too! Just take a look around and see all the other people from your group events, Austin, and you’ll see everyone relishing in a fun and possibly romantic moment.

Cupid has his sights set on a fun time this month, and he wants to see you and your group events Austin having a ball and stealing smooches at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! You will find all the information you need about group outings, including hours, pricing, food menus and more available at our website, We look forward to seeing you and your group join us for smiles, good times and amor!