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Kids Birthday Party Austin

Give your child a birthday party they’ll remember forever with Austin’s Park n Pizza! Look around and you’ll see that any other kids birthday party Austin can offer just can’t hold a candle to all the great times you can have at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. Just let us help you plan the perfect party and you’ll be certain to see the biggest smile on your child’s face!

There are so many wonderful things we can offer that will put stars in your child’s eyes. Imagine when we bring out our hot and delicious pizzas, with the smell of oregano and pepperoni filling the room. All the children will rush from their games to the table, ready to taste the awesomeness… but not before the guest of honor gets the first mouth-watering slice! Picture what it will be like when your child gets the high score on one of our many great arcade games. You’ll see the sense of accomplishment wash over their face! And you won’t want to miss the moment your special person buckles in to one of our slick track Go-Karts. The pulse-pounding scream of excitement you’ll hear will let you know your child is having the best kids birthday party Austin has to offer.

Start planning your child’s perfect part with the help of our professional party planners. We will assist you in planning the perfect kids birthday party Austin! Call our party planners anytime between 10am and 8pm seven days a week at 512-670-9600. You can also find birthday party details and pricing information online.