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Laser Tag Game Austin

The premier laser tag game Austin thrill seekers have been looking for is just around the corner at Austin’s Park n Pizza! Once you enter our state-of-the-art battle arena, it’s time to take on all your opponents as you race to rack up points and wonderful memories as well. But keep your eyes peeled… there could be someone right around the corner waiting to blast you!

After being instructed on how to use your equipment for the laser tag game, Austin players will be spilt into one of two teams. You and your comrades will take shelter on one side of the arena, while the opposing team lies in wait. They seek the perfect opportunity to zap you and keep you from reaching their base. Your eyes adjust to the darkness and you see flashing lights around you. Are those just special effects, or is the other team just around the corner? Suddenly, you spy an unfamiliar face. It’s someone from the other team and he hasn’t seen you yet. You calm your racing heart, take aim and FIRE! When the lights flash on his vest you know your aim was true. Better to get him first before he gets you.

Before you realize it, the lights come up and the game is over. Your team has demolished the opposing squad, but you notice this strange feeling that takes you a moment to recognize. You want to go back for more. Good thing another match starts in five minutes!

Experience the laser tag game Austin is raving about at Austin’s Park n Pizza! Our laser tag experience is included as part of our Unlimited Attractions package, along with Go Karts, Mini Golf, Bumper Boats and much more. You’ll find pricing and information at our website Austin’s Park n Pizza is located in Pflugerville at the corner of I-35 and the Highway 45 tollway.