XD Theater - Austin's | Pflugerville, TX XD Theater - Austin's | Pflugerville, TX

Protect the park.

Protect the park from bloodthirsty zombies and vicious werewolves in our breathtaking 7D XD theater experience.

More than just a movie or a game.

It’s a fully interactive adventure. Up to 8 riders at a time experience the XD theater breathtaking special effects, wind machines, strobe lights and rapid motion seats. Fire up your blaster and aim for the high score by defeating the most enemies using high precision laser targeting.

Fight Zombies

Choose the zombie course to fight off zombies as they chase your vehicle right off the bridge! You’ll be fighting for your life, and against your friends to save yourself and get the high score.


You could choose to fight the lycen pack of werewolves as they chase you, trying to snuff out your life. Fire your blaster to stop the onslaught, save yourself, and beat your friends. You don’t have to be faster than the werewolves, you just have to beat your friends.

Full Motion

Forget 3D…the 7D XD Theater is a full-motion 7D experience, featuring wind, water, motion seats, and 7D effects for a fully-immersive adventure you have never experienced, not even at the best amusement parks.