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Roller Coaster

Do you love roller coasters but hate having to worry about driving forever to ride one or fear your day might get rained out? Us too! We solved this problem when we decided to expand and rebrand. Spring 2021 Austin’s Park n’ Pizza will become “Austin’s” and welcome the first indoor roller coaster in Austin, as well as Austin’s Tower Drop ride, an all new and way bigger laser tag arena, plus a massively expanded arcade. Along with our 90,000 square foot expanse, a new concept is coming to Austin…full-service bar, grill, and entertainment center, REVL Social Club. This entertainment center is nestled within Austin’s but with a separate entrance, and will feature hand-crafted cocktails, a chef-inspired menu, the first curling courts in Texas, dedicated ping pong courts, a billiards room, and darts bays fit for a group or league. Just outside REVL Social Club, you can step into more fun at Austin’s and try out that roller coaster we were talking about.

This isn’t a kiddie coaster by any means. Our roller coaster features drops, hills, twists, and turns, all while the coaster car itself spins 360 degrees. This coaster is definitely not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re taking your kids out to escape the summer heat, seeking solace in the air-conditioning or you’ve had a few drinks at REVL Social Club and decided you couldn’t hold off trying this ride for yourself, you’re bound to have a blast.

A stone’s throw away from the roller coaster, you can ride Austin’s Tower Drop. This ride will pull you all the way up to the ceiling, drop you, and repeat. Oh, and this drop ride spins 360 degrees, too. If you can’t quite stomach all the twisting, turning, dropping, and zooming, don’t fret. If this sounds like you, or you’ve got some smaller humans in tow, check out the double-decker carousel, fire truck ride, or kiddie coaster just outside. They’re sure to please all the same.