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Summer Fun in Austin

Head over to Austin’s Park for summer fun in Austin! When school is out for summer vacation, it can be difficult to come up with activities to keep the whole family occupied. But thanks to Austin’s, school breaks have never been easier—or more enjoyable. Because we have endless activities at an affordable price, you can officially say goodbye to boring afternoons and dull outings. Whether indoors or outside, there’s so much for you to explore.

When you want to get out of the Texas heat, we’ve got you covered. Not only will our indoor attractions keep you cool, but they’re also incredibly exciting. Visit our XD Theater for seated entertainment or play delightful games. From a rollercoaster and arcade to laser tag and bowling, your options for shaded adventures are limitless. But if you want to have fun in the sun, we provide plenty of outdoor amusements like go-karts, bumper boats, and mini-golf. Check out our full list of activities here.

Austin’s Park is perfect for a full day of summer fun in Austin. No matter what your age is, there’s plenty to eat, play with, and enjoy. When you want to enjoy the best of inside and outside entertainment, stop by for a guaranteed good time!