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Youth Group Events Austin

If you’re in charge of a youth group or an organization in search of great indoor and outdoor fun at a fantastic price, you’re in luck. You need to look no further for youth group events Austin kids will love than the 23 acres of entertainment at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza! Here, your group will enjoy hours upon hours of fun from a dizzying array of activities so varied that there’s most assuredly something everyone will love.

Among the impressive list of activities you’ll find at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza are classics like Go-Karts, miniature golf, laser tag, and bowling… but there’s so much more you might not expect to find! Did you know that Austin’s Park n’ Pizza is home to a brand new virtual reality arena? Your youth group can experience the cutting edge of entertainment with an adventure in our VR Arena. Friends can team up to battle the forces of evil and save the digital world or you can go higher than ever imagined on our out-of-this-world VR coaster ride, all without leaving the confines of Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. Or, for a fully interactive adventure, pay a visit to our 7D XD Theater. More than a game, more than a movie, our XD Theater enhances your experience with special effects like wind machines, strobe lights and vibrating seats to create a fully immersive encounter. You would be hard-pressed to find all of these amazing activities under one roof anywhere else in town, so remember this when planning your youth group events, Austin!

Another excellent reason to consider Austin’s Park n’ Pizza your home for youth group events Austin is our group pricing structure. When you break down your price per activity, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza already stands above the other entertainment centers in town in terms of value, but when you visit as part of a group with at least ten people, you can take advantage of special group pricing. Again, group rates begin for groups of 10 or more and do require a reservation 12 to 72 in advance of your visit, so if you’re in the market for a great youth group event, contact our event planners today and we’ll take care of everything you need. Have some questions about event pricing and activities? Contact us online at here.